Friday, November 20, 2015

Timed Writing


     The song  that I picked is What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber. The song has a really up beat rhythm, and not only that but a good meaning behind it.
     He tries to show a lot of concern in the song. You could look at this song many different ways. It could either be a positive way or a negative way. By positive meaning taking it like any other song, a good dancing song. Not really paying attention to the lyrics, and not looking for a meaning behind it.
By negative meaning taking the lyrics into consideration, and it being a little more personal.
     Everyone should listen and love this song because it has a great meaning and a good rhythm. He also just has a good voice and I'm sure everyone would love this song and him.


  1. Justin Bieber nice :) I really liked your introduction, but I kept asking the same question throughout your writing. So, here's my question, what is the meaning behind this song? ( remember when writing you have to write as if the reader hasn't heard the song)~KP

  2. I like how you talk about the contrast between the upbeat music and the "negative" lyrics, but I haven't heard the song at all so letting us know a line or two of the lyrics would be a way to develop your ideas into fuller paragraphs. (Now I have to go find the song.)